Monday, October 18, 2010

Just getting started

I have put off starting a blog for a long time now, I think mainly the holdup has been where to start.  Well, let’s start now.  We are in the beginning of fall, our major tradeshows are done for the year, manufacturing has moved home and it is time to start off everything fresh and gear forward.  I am not sure exactly what my blogs are supposed to be about, but if you decide to keep reading them, I would guess that they will vary from questions to product reviews, to stories about our trips to stories about your trips, a few rants and raves, new product info and all around what’s going on in the world of Diablo that floats around my melon.  This blog won’t always be about Fishing and paddling, I love hunting, dogs, camping, live music, good people and funny stories, and will be covering all of this that I can as well. 
So please help me out with this as well and if you agree, disagree or want me to tackle a certain subject, just let me know and I’ll do the best I can to help.   


  1. Thomas, I would like to know your thoughts on the upcoming gubernatorial election. Do you think Gov. Perry is the best pick for river and waterway conservation issues that concern Texans? Or do we need a fresh perspective and a more global refocus with Bill White?

  2. Tom,

    Welcome to the blog-o-sphere, keep it fun it's not work. I post your blog on my blog roll.

    Fly and Fin

  3. Hey Camille,thank you for the question, but I'm sorry,there are three things that won't be tackled on this site:
    1. Politics
    2. Religion
    3. Aliens

    Aside from that, we are an open forum, but I don't care to speak on my beliefs regarding those three categries on a company website. I will however look into the stance of both parties and see if I can present stances from both from a non biased and informative position.
    Love ya Camille, but lets hash this one out on the back porch.

  4. Lou,
    Thank you for the kind words and we'll keep it as fun, entertaining and informative as we can. If i get too serious, just let me know. I appreciate the recycling of the blog, and please let me know how I can reciprocate. cheers, tf

  5. Skeg is great - now you need one that turns and add a mast and sail !
    These Diablos would make awesome sailers ... !

  6. Tom,
    I would love to see one of these Kayaks, any shows near the DC area this winter?
    Also, thanks for NOT discussing politics.